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Path Of Exile Beginners guide

1. When you first start out, save all the orbs you find until you know what their true value is. Believe it or not, unlike Diablo 2 some of the best orbs can drop even in act 1 normal!
2. If possible try to avoid elemental damage from monsters/bosses (especially at lower lvls when you don't know what you doing yet), without any resistances they can hit you really hard.
3. If you find any item that is 3 linked and each color, (red, blue, green) you can sell it to a vendor for a chromatic orb!
4. When you encounter a boss or difficult group of monsters, make a TP (town portal), and if you die you will be able to re-enter in the same spot you died from. Most importantly, the monster won't regenerate life while you're in town.
5. Any time you level, the vendors in town will have new items to sell you. It's worth it to check for any onyx amulets/rings, as well as 5-6 linked items, which can have high value.
6. Here are the basic meanings for the color of items
White - can be used for crafting
Blue - magical (1-2 attributes)
Yellow - rare (3 - 6 attributes)
Dark brown - unique items (with unique properties - good for specific builds when you know what you can sacrifice for the "good" stats)
Light brown - currency items (orb, scrolls) http://www.pathofexile.com/item-data/currency
Green - support gems/quest items
7. Unlike Diablo 2, you don't join new games, but rather the particular map will refresh if no one has been in it for 15 minutes. If you can't wait for it to refresh, then go to the area on the WP and use control+click and it will give you the option to open a fresh area
8. Review the trade forum and trade channels every so often to get an idea of what the current values are for regularly used currencies, such as Exalted Orb, Gemcutters Prism, Regal Orb, Divine Orb, also Chaos and Fusing.
9. Not every item can get 6 links, this will depend on the type of item, and it's ILVL. First off, the only items that can be 6 linked are armors and 2 handed weapons, furthermore they must have an ILVL of at least 50. To check what ILVL your item is, hold it on the cursor and in the chat type, /itemlevel.
# of Sockets / Min Level
1                   1
2                   1
3                   15
4                   28
5                   35
6                   50
10. Armorers scraps, and whetstone's can be used to increase the quality of any item, except for belts, up to 20%. It's important that you do this to all of your weapons/armor that you use to give you the best competitive advantage.
11. F1 pops a transparent information's about your latency / fps / frame time, which can be helpful as POE is often laggy without a high end computer or having your settings set to lower standards.
12. Write /help in a chat for a list of useful commands like :
/played - time you played actual character
/age - how long ago you created actual character
/deaths - number of deaths
/ladder - tells you the top leveled character in your league
/invite CharacterName - invite player to your party
/ignore CharacterName - adds to ignore list
/friend CharacterName - adds to friend list
/remaining - shows how many monsters remain in your current area
/oos - resyncs your character
/passives - shows you how many passives you have left and where you got them
To whisper a player you use: @CharacterName message.
Also you can right click a player to whisper/invite to party/add as friend/trade with that player.
Also you can easily link items to chat by having chat box open and pressing CTRL + ALT + left clicking on the item.
13. When choosing a characters skill tree there are endless factors considered, and as someone just starting out you will want to follow a cookie cutter guide unless you want to spend lots on orbs of regret. For popular character builds you can check our character builds!
14. One of the most valuable items for a low level character to have is the Tabular Rasa ( http://www.d2store.net/tabula_rasa?category_id=738), as you are able to wear it at level 1 and insert any 6 gems to be linked to eachother.
15. Using support gems are very important in adding more power to your current skills. In order to use them, make sure you item is linked together, and remember the gems don't need to be directly linked next to each other to work.
16. The currency known as Gemcutter's Prism (GCP) has multiple uses, first off it can raise the level of a game and secondly it can raise the % quality of a gem. To do this you will need to place for example a level 10 gem and a GCP in to a vendors window to sell. The result will be a 10% quality level 1 gem. This is most useful in end game when you are trying to have perfect 20% gems.
17. If you sell multiple quality gems with a combined 40% quality, you will receive a GCP from the vendor.
18. If you type /oos in chat it will help resync your character if you've been desynced, which does seem to happen often in POE. You can do this every 10 seconds.
19. Level 100 is the highest level in POE. After level 75+ the only reasonable way to level are going to be through maps
20. In order to play the Scion, you must save her in act 3 in normal and complete the difficulty.
21. Stash tabs are on sale every month or two, but are very useful if you plan on playing this game a lot. Take advantage of their sales if you can!
22. After dying in hardcore mode, whether in the ladder league or not you will be transferred to Standard League. Unlike Diablo 2 where your character is just a ghost.
23. level 20 gems are very valuable, in order to give yourself the best chance of getting them use your secondary weapon slot with 2x 3 socket items or one 6 socket item and fill them with gems. These will still level up even though you're not using that item.
24. If you start leveling gems when you're level 1, they should be 20 by the time you're 85 assuming you don't die often... Though gems do not lose experience when you die.
25. Vendoring a gem and an Ob of Scouring will remove 1 level from the gem.
26. When identifying multiple items, hold shift so you don't have to click on the scroll every time.
27. One handed weapons can only have 3 sockets and the same for shields.
28. If you're using Iron Reflexes, you need to have 6667 base armor for Determination to be better than Grace.
29. After normal, side quests become more difficult so use your resources and join groups b pressing "S".

Which gems have the most value?

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         Path of exile has grown immensely in the last few months, and with that comes several questions about the core elements of the game. One of these elements are gems. Gems are a fundamental part of Path of Exile, and for most of us just starting out, the whole concept is a little bit confusing, leaving many questions to be asked. This post will give you a sense of which gems are most useful and will have a higher value in trade or for your character.

High(er) value gems

Most of the useful gems in Path of Exile come from completing quests in the various acts and difficulties, however some are only found by killing monsters, usually making them more valuable.

Multistrike – This gem is rewarded from “A Fixture of Fate” quest in act III Merciless difficulty, otherwise this gem only drops from monsters, and is fairly uncommon. This gem is reasonably priced in game at 3-5 chaos, and will be used for nearly every melee build in the game.

Cast When Damage Taken – Rewarded from “A fixture of Fate” quest in act III Merciless difficulty. This gem is valued roughly at 4-6 chaos orbs, and is useful for nearly every build in the game. It’s level requirement is level 31, meaning it probably won’t drop for you until late Cruel difficulties or later.

Chain – Drop-only gem, this gem is only useful for a small number of builds, and typically worth 1-2 chaos.

Portal – Drop-only gem, this is the lazy mans unlimited Portal Scroll. It gives you the ability to cast a town portal an unlimited amount of times without carrying any scrolls in your inventory. It’s value is typically 3-5 chaos.

Cast When stunned – Similar to cast when damage taken, these gems are useful for just about any build, but they are typically slightly cheaper, running you around 2-3 chaos.

Enhance – Typically these support gems will cost ~8-9 chaos, and are an uncommon gem to drop.

Empower – These sell for 10-20 chaos, just like the Enhance gem they do not drop very often, and have a unique use that other gems don’t support.

What other gems are useful?

Auras – The most popular are commonly used of these are, Grace, Hatred, Clarity, and Purity.These gems are generally not too expensive, running you around 1fuse-1chaos.

Most attack – and similar skill gems (such as Dual Strike, Cleave, Heavy Strike, Raise Skeletons etc.) are extremely easy to come by from the first few quests in the game and you’ll have a tough time trying to find buyers for those.

Curses – are generally not highly sought after and won’t have a high value, unless you find the right buyer who is searching for a specific one, and even then the value will be low as they are commonly dropped.

Support gems – are generally what players are trading for, as they are harder to find and more useful. Players often need multiple so the demand is always there. Blood Magic, Reduced Mana, Melee Splash, and Faster Attacks are common support gems that are often sought after; each will run 1-2 chaos typically.

Slightly less used support gems are ForkCulling StrikeMana LeechFaster CastingLesser Multiple Projectiles andGreater Multiple ProjectilesLife LeechItem RarityMelee Physical DamageMultiple Traps, and Curse on Hit. Typically you can purchase these for about 1 fuse each.

Gems which are Legacy (Item Quantity) will run you about 1 Exalt, and will no longer drop in the game, so the only way you can get them is by trade. Also, they are only found on Standard and Hardcore, not the current Ladder leagues.

How increased item quantity and rarity works


         Once you’ve wrapped your head around the basics of the game and reached a moderate level, you’re going to start having a harder time finding upgrades for your current gear. You’ll also want to be finding more orbs/gems for trading purposes, and that’s where you’re going to need to know about Magic Find (IIR and IIQ combined with each other are referred to as Magic Find, which will be discussed further below).

What’s Increased Item Rarity?

Increased Item Rarity (IIR) is what determines the amount of “magic” items that will drop. According to the Path of Exile definition, if you have 100% IIR, this means that you will find twice as many magic items, twice as many rare items, and twice as many unique items. However it does not affect the quality of gems, or the likelihood of better currency to drop, it is only specific to wearable items.

http://www.d2store.net/item_rarity_1?category_id=748 – On Standard

What’s Increased Item Quantity?

Increased Item Quantity (IIQ) is the other portion of “MF,” and is often considered to be more important than IIR as it DOES affect the number of currency orbs that drop. IIQ affects the amount of items that drop, for example if you have 100% IIQ, than you will have twice as many items drop! Unfortunately for us, GGG has made IIQ more and more difficult to get as they’ve nerfed several items, and removed the IIQ gem from the game, unless you play on Standard Leagues and can afford to trade for one.

http://www.d2store.net/item_quantity_-_legacy_1?category_id=748 – On Standard

Is IIQ better than IIR?

As mentioned before, IIQ is generally more desired than IIR and much harder to achieve high amounts of because of a lack of items that give it. On Standard rare items were able to drop with IIQ (before the most recent patch), so you are still able to trade for items that have it, but on ladder realms, it’s a thing of the past and is only found on a handful of unique items, such as Perandus Blazon belts, Aurseize gloves, and Goldwyrm boots. You should try and have a mixture of both IIR and IIQ in order to find the most and best items. On ladder realms, a reasonable amount of IIQ would be ~50%, and 150% IIR. For us ladder goers, there is still hope in the form of maps. Using cartographer’s chisel’s you’re able to increase the amount of IIQ and IIR on maps and better your chances of finding awesome items.

How does IIQ and IIR work in parties?

Many of you will try and enhance your chances of killing higher level monsters and dying less by joining parties, but there are a few reasons why this isn’t beneficial, other than the obvious which is that there are less drops to share around. The other factor is that IIQ/IIR is not combined or averaged, but instead it works exactly like in Diablo 2. Whoever deals the fatal blow to a monster is who’s IIQ/IIR is used for drops, so this can be a good thing, or a negative thing depending on who is doing most of the damage in your party! In any case, you’re going to be more likely to find more items by yourself, but you may be much more likely to find those super high end items when you play in groups unless your character is a tank, but hey, we can help with that ;)!

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